My Bio

Cow Tails & Trails

My love affair with cattle and horses, just won't go away!

I  enjoy creating website designs.  We manage several websites, mostly cattle and horse breeders, but quite a variety of small businesses too.  See more.   I love trail riding with my Ya Ya Sisters, my two horses, Tee and Wiley, and our herd of Simmental, Angus, Maine-Anjou and Braunvieh cattle.  We used to exhibit and show our cattle nation wide, but we have slowed down in the past few years to just enjoy life on the ranch.  I love windmills, gardening, landscaping, cooking, free-lance writing, photography and genealogy. 

​I created this website to tell the stories that will be lost unless we record them.  I invite others to tell their stories too!  

I grew up in North Central Nebraska on my parents cattle ranch, Herrington Ranch, southeast of Bassett, Nebraska in the Sandhills.  We raised Commercial Hereford cattle and sold yearling steers and kept replacements in herd.  My first 4-H Stocker feeder steer I named Cub, thus started my love affair with cattle.  When it was time to say good bye at the premium sale I told my parents I didn't want the big shiny silver dollar I wanted my calf back with tears for days. (I can still get choked up thinking of that curly haired boy named Cub )  My first horse was a Palomino mare named Goldy.  She was five years old and so was I.  She was a sweet mare and my brothers and neighbor kids learned how to ride on that ole mare.  Someday I will own another Palomino Mare if I have my way and of course she is going to be named Goldy for my Golden Years. 

Growing up a ranch kid we were the extra help. We learned many skills including; raking hay, helping cook for the crew, sorting and roping cattle, feeding cattle, etc.  Those years taught me how to work and survive in today's fast paced society.  But no matter where life lead me, I just couldn't get my love affair with cattle and horses out of my system.  They have ruled my life and my destiny.  Thus, I created Cow Tails and Trails to record my adventures and stories along with others that have the same passion for history and heart felt stories of people, cattle and horses.  

Today, my passion for life is centered around my husband, Abbie and our cattle ranch A. W. Thorne Land & Cattle, Inc. in Northeast Oklahoma. We enjoy our combined seven children, thirteen grandchildren, family, cattle kids and friends.  Our ranch is considered a Bed, Breakfast and Bovine facility by many folks that drop by!