Several Photographs by our friend Chris Davis from the Sandhills of Nebraska.

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Cow Tails & Trails

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My love affair with cattle and horses, just won't go away!

Fables From the Far, Far West from our friend Ken Overcast

I believe in the power of the written word. I've seen it transform lives first hand. Memories are time capsules that need to be shared and passed down to the next generation.  So I created this website to preserve some of those memories and invite aspiring writers to share their funny stories and experiences while ranching, farming and raising livestock.  I am Joan Herrington Thorne   a ranchers daughter, a ranchers wife and freelance writer based in Northeast Oklahoma.

These stories are not the perfect manuscripts.  The spelling and grammar may not be perfect, but I guarantee the story will be real and true.  

My favorite writer is Will Rogers.  His quotes and stories are timeless.  His easy down to earth way of getting his message across with a common sense approach inspires me to share my stories.  Thanks for stopping by and happy trails.  Joan